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Julien Hazard Affineur - Rue Vanderkindere 137, 1180 Bruxelles  - T: 02/851 89 60  - info@julienhazard.be


A selection of cheeses, bread and a good glass of wine or beer…. So simple and yet so good!

Whether it is as a desert, a meal or a buffet, we select with great care perfectly aged cheeses for a well-balanced cheeseboard.

For drinks, meetings or parties, we prepare dishes and cheeseboards tailored to your needs.  PDF


A gastronomic journey through the world of cheese !


We offer to take you on a tour of the wonderful world of cheeses.

A cheese platter developed as a 5-course tasting menu with paired wines. During an evening devoted to flavour, I share my passion and knowledge about the production, aging and tasting of each cheese. A fun and gourmet evening with friends, colleagues or family…

Where, what and how ?

* Back-of-house in our shop where we have a tasting room for 8 to 16 people

* Thursdays and Fridays from 20h00 to 23h00

* Upon reservation


For beer enthusiasts we organise the evenings with paired beers.

For 16 persons or more, we can organise these evenings at your place or a place of your choice.

You take care of tables, plates and cutlery and the party can begin ...


Price ?


With paired wines ….. € 50,00 per person

With paired beers …… € 35,00 per person


Cheese in all its guises…



Depending on the seasonal supplies from the Rungis market, you will find :

Brocciu AOP, Brousse,  Mont d’Or AOP, Burrata bio, Raw milk Mozzarella di Bufala DOP, Feta AOP refined in barrel, Tomme fraiche de l’aubrac and cancoillotte franc-comtoise…

Also on offer is a large assortment of dairy products such as yoghurts, raw Normandy cream, Walschot cream cheese, ricotta and raw milk butter.


Wijn,  onmisbare gezel van kaas…


Wine and cheese go hand in hand, and yet cheese tends to give any wine a hard time.

In collaboration with passionate merchants we work to discover the best pairing for wine and cheese alike.

We offer a large selection of « natural » wines; wines from organic vineyards harvested manually. During the wine-making process the winemaker strives to keep the wine alive. All processes that could corrupt the bacterial life of the wine are banned along with any chemical additives aside from, if necessary, a limited quantity of sulphites. We give preference to full-bodied wines with pure tastes and which let themselves be enjoyed.


Find below some winemakers with whom we like to work :


Domaine Vouette & Sorbée

André Beaufort

Clos de l’Elu

Domaine la Paonnerie

Alexandre Bain

Domaine Dupasquier

Julien Meyer

Hervé Villemade

Jean-Paul Thévenet

Mas Coutelou




Bread is the other unmissable compagnon of cheese. Bread carries taste and provides contrast through texture. It softens flavours while providing balance.

Bread without additives, with natural tastes and natural character.

We bake farmhouse baguettes with firm dough and crispy crusts. On Fridays and Saturdays or on special order we offer a range of walnut or olive rolls,  nut and raisin flutes and organic “pure sourdough” from Hopla Geiss Bakery.





We have a large range of meats on offer. Our assortment is selected following the philosophy as our cheeses.


Jamon Iberico from Juan Pedro Domecq

Prosciutto di Parma produced by Villani

Teyssier sausages

Traditionally made terrines

Coppa corse